Review: The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

Two years ago, I put got a copper intrauterine device (IUD) put in and almost immediately, my skin went on a rampage. Acne like I had never experienced before (That story is here). When I finally got the breakouts and waves of inflammation under control, my skin was left uneven, blotchy, dry and generally just looking awful and rough. A friend of mine who swore by the The Ordinary’ line suggested I try it and I did. I started using this toner in one full year in the daytime (I use Ole Hendrikson Glow OH Dark Spot Toner at nights) and I feel equipped to review the timer in full.

Firstly, its an acid toner and its recommended that you avoid direct exposure to sunlight while wearing it, ergo PM use. Since I work from home, I have no issues using it in the mornings. It’s recommended for use once per day. I find that when I use it more than once, my skin feels a little itchy. You also want to give around your eyes a wide enough girth when applying this toner. I find it may burn and can irritate the area if it is applied to closely to the eyes.

As far as moisture goes, this is one of the best toners I’ve ever used. It does leave a residue, but it’s not messy or uncomfortable, and I rarely feel the need to add any other products when I use it (although I use sunflower oil as a moisturiser).

This toner has helped considerably with the appearance of my skin tone and even the appearance of my pores, which had gotten considerable large over the course of my ordeal. While some areas like my nose and T-Zone are remain visible large, the ha been significant improvement. I have also been using one of the chemical peels from the same brand, but that’s another review for another day. If you are on the market for a good toner that is very nicely priced, this one is it.

Tip: The toner is considerably better priced on the Sephora website, than say Amazon.

Have you tried this toner? What are your thoughts?


  1. Before I started acne medication this toner helped me get quite a bit of the texture I had on my face under control. I’ve paused my use for now because of the prescribed medication but I’ll be back to using after this bout of therapy. I too would recommend this toner

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