Dry Skin: 5 Tips for Body Care

dry skin care

Having dry skin can be really embarrassing, and tiresome to care for. You can find yourself hopping from brand to brand looking for that ‘one’. The truth is, you may need more than that. You wouldn’t know it by just looking at me, but I’ve had dry skin for as long as I can remember and have jumped through hoops to keep it moisturised and the flakes and scales at bay. I’ve succeeded for the most part, but if you look closely, the telltale signs are pretty visible, especially when I haven’t moisturised properly or at all.

When you have moderate to severely dry skin, a ‘good lotion’ is rarely ever enough. I’ve only ever encountered one lotion that has done above and beyond. But unfortunately, after those first two bottle years ago, I was never able to locate Avon Moisture Therapy Lotion (They’ve rebranded since and I have no idea if the product is still this good) again for years after, and eventually stopped looking.

Most skincare products focus on the face, so it is easy enough to manage that part of things, but we often forget that the skin is the largest organ of the body and needs to be cared for just as equally as facial skin.

Over the years, I’ve mastered caring for my dry skin, and thougt I would share a few tips with you.

Tips for Dry Skin Care

1. Bar Soaps are a No-Go

Despite what soap companies tell you regarding the magical moisturizing properties of their brand during their ads and marketing, soap bars are not the best option for you if you have dry skin. Most are very drying; stripping natural oils form even normal skin types. That’s the last thing you need.

I suggest finding a body wash. Some people do not like the feel of their skin after they’ve used it, but if your skin is dry, it’s what’s best. Make sure to dry thoroughly.

If you do use a bar soap, I suggest shopping around for one, and going for oil rich. Shop the options by trying them out and once you find one you like, follow up with an strict moisturizing post-bath regimen.

2. Use Oils

Using oils on your skin will help to seal moisture into your skin. It’s best to apply the oil (I prefer Olive Oil or Baby Oil) to your skin while it is wet or after you have applied lotion to seal it in. You can also add the oils to your lotion, if your prefer. I find better results from separate application.

3. Be Mindful of Hot Showers

We all love a good hot shower, but when you have dry skin, you pay the price. Instead of turning the hot water up as much as you can bear it, try a lukewarm shower, or making the shower shorter rather than longer. And, of course, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise when you’re done!

dry skin care routine

4. Exoliate Often

You want to exfoliate often, but don’t over do it. Dry skin is accompanied by dead skin flakes n the surface of the skin. Using a mild scrub or a soft body brush goes a long way in removing cells that have already died and are still clinging. It helps the healthy skin accept the moisture better, and no one like for all that to come off in your sheets, eh? So set them free in the shower.

5. Don’t forget your scalp!

Remember that your scalp is skin too. So you need to consider that when you choose a shampoo and conditioner, as well as to keep your scalp moisturized. In particular after you’ve washed.

Bonus Tip: Choose a good Moisturizer

All this is contingent on good moisture for your skin. Remember that oil on dry skin is not helpful and is rather sealing in dryness. If you can’t find one, you can make your own with Shea/cocoa butter bases and oils.

Do you understand the struggle of having dry skin? What are some of the tips you use to care for your skin?

Xo, Shandean,

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