To My Husband and Father… On Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a celebration of Dads. It’s a day when we recognize the efforts of men who are father figures and actively raise children whether they are biologically connected or not. This post is dedicated to honouring my two lifetime favourites. My Dad and my husband.

To My Dad, Carrot

Me? I’ve been fortunate in my life to have been anchored by an amazing man from the very start. A man of kindness, pride, hard work, principles. A man who made his life a sacrifice to the needs of his girls.

To my Carrot. I have always been and continue to be, a Daddy’s girl. Thank you for loving, teaching and raising me. For being the kind of Dad I can brag about. The Dad I can joke with, the Dad I can tease. A wonderful grandfather to my Sio.

Thank you, Daddy for being the bar. Happy Father’s Day! I love you.

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To My Husband , Boobles

When I fell in love with you, the similarities between you and my Dad were loud and endearing. In choosing you as my husband and life partner, it was with the knowledge and faith that you would be the best parent you know how, and I wanted to be the woman who gave you those children.

Father's Day 2021

You have grown and flourished in your role as a father, and it is an absolute joy to watch you raise our daughter.

It warms my heart that when you go out for a few hours, she tells me that ‘You need to call your husband and ask him to come back. I miss him.”

It warms my heart that she is in her feelings if you neglect to do your wake up routine with her and how, even though the years have passed, she still thins ‘Babe’ and ‘Boobles’ are your names.

A better choice for my Sio couldn’t have been made. Thank you, for being the kind of father that I had. The kind of father I dreamed my daughter would have. Thank you, for being you.

Happy Father’s Day, Boobles. I love you and I appreciate you.

To All the Amazing Dads I Know

Thank you for being a part of the coalition of good men that have graced my life. Continue to pour into your children. We see you. We celebrate you.

Honourable Dad Mentions

  • Uncle Benny
  • Uncle Chris
  • Pops

Thank you for all that you do. Happy Father’s Day 2021

Xo, Shandean.

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