7 Reasons to Shop Local for the Holidays

There are so many reasons to shop local now more than ever. The world is rebuilding our lives one day at a time as we head towards recovery from the Covid19 pandemic. It will take each and every one of us making simple day to day decisions to help our families and communicates do that. If you needed a reason to shop local this year, I’ve got a few of them for you.

It’s often more tempting to shop imports since that is usually the cheaper option, however, going the extra mile to be intentional about local shopping when you can does more for your community and your family in the long run.

1. Supporting small businesses

Small businesses took one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. More than a few did not survive. Those that did need the support of their communities to recover or flourish. For you, it may be a single purchase. For them, it is the survival of their business. And they need that support to come in strong to continue to be viable..

2. Supporting your local economy

Economies need participants with disposable income to recover in a broader picture than just supporting small businesses. Think of your local farmers. Fresher foods for your longer chain for them, meaning they can retain more profits.

3. No Delivery Delay

During the holidays, logistics are brutal and packages are always running late due to the sheer number of orders stores and warehouses are filling. If you shop local, you can simply pick up your items or they travel a much shorter distance to get to you; decreasing the likelihood that it will be late.

4. It’s more Environmentally Friendly

Have you ever ordered anything on amazon and when the package comes, you second guess what it was you actually ordered because the package is so big? So you open the box truly unsure what the size of what you bought is. Then you see it’s exactly what your did order, swimming int he oversized box. Then the guilt sets in. Was such a big box really necessary? Well, if you shop locally, that much package isn’t needed because your items are being shuffle from pillar to post.

5. Handmade Items are more accessible

Handmade crafts can make fantastic sentimental gift options for loved ones depending on what you’re looking to buy. Bespoke items allow gifters to add a more personal touch and for giftees to feel more cherished and encourage creativity. Visit local craft markets or online stores to purchase personalized mugs, glasses, candles, blankets, etc. Handmade items just make better gifts.

What are some of the reasons you like to shop local? Sound off in the comments

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