Pregnancy Update : Second Trimester

You know how they said it will get better in the second trimester? Well…. I’m happy to report that was indeed my experience. This isn’t to say there weren’t discomforts, there were plenty, trust. I did however get one beautiful reprieve that I believe will be the one thing I will miss immensely about pregnancy. The feeling of my baby moving about inside me. There are no words to describe the realness amd bond this phenomenon has fostered. It also brought with it reassurance that everything was okay with my growing baby. Less frantic outbursts where I was suddenly warped with the irrational feeling that if I couldn’t confirm my boober was okay I would go mad. I’m sure Boobles is also grateful for that reprieve. He’s also been able to join in on the bonding. He was able to speak to and touch our baby.  He could see and feel the responses to his voice and touch. These are  priceless moments I will never forget. We have one hell of a little kicker coming! 

I’ve gotten more and nore used to the idea that I will be someone’s mom over this period too. It’s exciting but daunting. Our family of 2 will soon be 3. I had the very obvious bump to prove it. It’s also the time when we found out the sex of our little Pepperseed and when I became more aware and frightened of the big L (Labour). Let me just say how much everyone telling you that you can do it is not helpful at all. But I somehow still cling desperately to that reassurance. I already mentioned my stretch mark freakout in my last pregnancy blog, all remained the same on that front. I got the pregnancy nose (yes, bigger than my regular nose) and got clumsier and excessively forgetful. My feet grew. (I didn’t even realize that was a thing). Shortness of breath became a permanent fixture. Backaches are more frequent however, all praises to the genius whom invented the pregnancy pillow! It’s my friend, my pillow loves me.

There were of course a few things I was forced to acknowledge. Some of them would actually never have occurred to me although in hindsight, they should have.

The bump is heavy. I suppose I never really thought about that part. I guess I just assumed it wouldn’t b heavy until say 3rd trimester, when the baby is bigger. Not the case at all. Once my gut started sticking out at around 17 weeks, it was heavy. I began rolling onto my side and flailing my arms in order to sit up.

You will need new underwear.  Again, this seem like something I should have realized but somehow didn’t. The wider girth caused them to fit differently, IF they still fit. Yes, weird. Lol.

Around the 20th week, it became quite a task to sit on the toilet without simply dropping onto it halfway through the squat. I should have realized that too, afterall, the bump stop you bending short. Prepare to open wider!

is harder to do. Even while the bump is small. The truth is, once it gets to the stage where the bump is bigger than what you had before (in my case, all of it), then everything becomes awkward and a renegotiation. It’s also a perpetual renegotiation because the bump never stays the same size. 

The 3rd leg of the journey is said to rival the first in difficulties. When it’s all over, I’ll let you know.




  • I’ve finally realized what’s so special about this series. It’s so honest!!! Sure every mother’s experience is different, but this is entirely genuine. It’s like my best friend or the big sister I don’t have telling me about her experience. Haha. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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