Pregnancy Update: Skincare Routine

“Beauty is skin deep”.

Yes, yes it is. It would appear ny pregnancy pieces are all bout phenomenons I found shocking and/or enlightening throughout my journey. Nevertheless, here’s a bit of information on an impressively important aspect, Skincare. For us first timers in this pregnancy business, (well for me at least), skincare is of grave importance.  Prior, I had mildly dry skin which was almost never obvious to anyone else except for those rare lapses in beauty maintenance. I did find though, that during pregnancy I have been presented with quite a few variations.

The first trimester came with a sudden onset of severe dryness. Perhaps it was dehydration since I was constantly consuming copious amount of water which never seemed to be enough or it was a craving? Water never tasted better too!  Whatever the stimulant, my coping mechanism became reliance on a DIY concoction I prepared and started using as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Raw Shea Butter, Olive and Coconut Oil, whipped with even a bit of Tea Tree and Carrot oil. This mixture was and continues to be my saving grace. Let me hasten to point out that the original purpose of this mixture was to manage and/or prevent stretch marks, whatever case becomes as I progress. (Twice daily applications to breasts, tummy, lower back, hips and occasionally thighs and legs). The fact that my skin had turned dry was an unknown I happened to be prepared for. I continue to use my concoction and will continue to do so. Third trimester and no tummy marks yet.  I have also included some other skincare measures to help me combat the issue. I had to purchase a good moisture based body wash since bar soaps had started to irritate my skin.I felt an assualt of moisturizing products (along with water consumption) would be appropriate. I chose Dove’s Nutrium Moisture line for that. I have also been using Jergens Coconut Hydration lotion. This is just a product I used prior to being pregnant because it was good with my skin. I have lately added to my collection Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for Stretch Marks massage lotion. I really doubt it will do anything my DIY concoction will not, but, I will admit it’s lighter and smells better. It just makes me feel better to include it. It is very moisturizing and my skin is relishing it.
Second trimester took me to the acne bit of things and it was then I found my regular facial care products were simply incapable of coping. My breakout was also becoming inflamed which isn’t something with which I was previously familiar. To say I felt like an ugly duckling would be accurate. And then it happened. I began to use a bit of cake soap (laundry bar soap). While it is a bit drying, it keeps the acne to a minimum and got rid of inflammation. I experimented by cessation of use and sure enough, my face started to become inflamed again. So at least until my nugget pops out of the oven, my regular products are on pause. (Clean like me wash mi face with the cake soap!) I, however,  must always, moisturize after a wash. My skin did get a bit oily farther along but I have heard that accounts for the ‘glow‘. For now, cake soap and moisturizer it is!

The rest of the body gets less attention but not so much as to the point of disregard. I’ve never been much of a razor user to shave my legs, I’m a Nair girl through and through, but I have used the razor a couple of times lately for the simple fact that it’s a bit quicker and let’s face it, I’m not as flexible these days! (Welp!) Pregnancy has been kind to me in this area though. The hair growth my legs normally sees is mysteriously absent. (Same for my eyebrows but I am NOT complaining). Hair removal lotion is  an extra source of moisture that doesn’t require the frequency razors demand.

There’s also that little matter of this season’s ungodly tropical heat. My tolerance for it is fairly minimal (if at all existent). The joy I experience on a rainy day is …. well downright wonderous! During the more perpetual lashings if heat at the peak of the summer heat, I found myself victim to chaffing for the first time in my life. My saving grace? Body powder! Keeping the area dry and excessive applications has sent that rash packing as fast as it came! I am actually quite relieved.

To more private matters, a bottle of feminine wash and a steady supply of pantiliners are my busom buddies! (Pregnant ladies, you know what I mean!) These two are my everyday products which have become monumental during pregnancy.

Aside from the products, a myriad of the above and others, skincare is as much internal as it is external. Don’t forget.. fruits, water, vegetables, water and … oh yea, WATER!! Dry, stretching skin can never be a good thing. We cannot stress the importance of moisturized skin enough. Not just oiled/oily but moisturized skin! So doing my thing while mother nature does hers? I’m definitely here for it! Wish me luck!




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