Relaxed Hair: Simple, Haircare Regime

My last hair blog spoke of my dead end hair journey a few years back. To refresh, I abandoned it because it was simply not working for me. (See previous  hair journey article for more details). I have hair that requires minimalist attention to be healthy and thriving. I am also relaxed with 4C type hair. I have 3 different textures, but they are all 4C. So what do I use in my hair?

My wash regime is NOT weekly as is purported as a ‘must’ by the masses. I do not do it. As a matter of fact, how often I wash may or may not be directly linked the amount or kind of products that I have used or simply whether or not I think my scalp has sweated more than the usual. Whatever the case, I adjust my washing regime as is needed based on the mentioned events. In an ordinary week when I’ve simply sparingly applied my cream and liquid moisturizers, I wash every 2 or 3 weeks. I do NOT apply oils daily ( once or twice a week) and use water based moisturizers over oil based ones. With oil based moisturizers, my hair dries out much too quickly and requires a lot of moisture daily. Then in a few days it requires a sulphate wash because it feels stiff and dry. When using such a product, a wash once or twice a week is needed. This is why it is important to realize how your hair reacts to products.  I also do not co-wash as I find no need for it.

Pay attention when your hair speaks. I use the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner. This stuff is my holy grail and when I have this on hand, no other products are necessary. I also use Nk Naturals Peppermint Hair Butter as my moisturizer, but, unfortunately the manufacturer has discontinued making the product. My heart aches for it because I have yet to locate any as good this one. My oils are random and can be singular or mixtures of olive, coconut, carrot and tea tree. The lighter the oil, the better my hair accommodates it.

I relax my hair every 4 to 8 weeks depending on how much my hair has grown. Any longer results in breaking. The only exception is where I’ve added braids to my hair. I put in braids once or twice a year for 3-4 weeks. No longer. I DO NOT ‘stretch relaxers‘ because this stresses my hair and my scalp.  The length I would gain from it is equal or less than what I would lose needing to trim. This makes that counter productive. I do protein and hot oil treatments and deep conditioning every few months as I feel they are needed.

I trim ALL split ends upon discovery. No matter when that is. I don’t attempt to fix them, ever. I trim them all. (I’m partial to my hair looking freshly cut and sometimes trim for that reason only). As a result, I rarely end up having split ends. I very rarely use heat for styling. As such, I do not own a flat-iron and will not purchase one.
Following a relaxer, I wear my hair down for about two weeks. After that, very loose ponytails/buns and twists and corn rows. These are quick, cute, require minimal manipulation and keep my ends protected and away.

That’s all I do and my hair is healthy. Of course I realize this approach is not for everyone and I do it this way because it’s best for my hair. I tried it the popular way and it did not go well. (See previous hair blog).

Disclaimer: I am not a professional hair care provider. I make no allegations that the above is proven to be best for anyone other than myself.



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