A Husband’s Perspective on Pregnancy

I haven’t made a blog in quite some time. I’m more inclined to make some comments about football and write a long ass post about it. But nope…this is not one such post. So if that’s what you were expecting please leave now. If you’re interested in what I have to say these next couple words please continue to read because what I have to say comes from deep within.

Dr Kemoi Reid

I’m a Lucky Man

Tonight I lay beside my pregnant wife and as I felt Pepperseed aka Baby Reid move about in her tummy, I became very emotional and teary eyed. I’m deeply and madly in love with them both and I would move mountains for them.

Men, we have lost the fundamentals of who men are supposed to be. As such we have given up our rightful place at the head of the table and for what? Absolutely nothing.

I have received 3 compliments these past couple months that have made me realize that not only am I a lucky man, I am unconsciously showing it.

1. We were heading to Montego Bay, my wife and I. She was in the 1st trimester of pregnancy at the time. I stopped at a gas station in Kingston. She was eating yogurt and she was feeding me some. The pump attendant, a male, says to me, “Bossy when I grow up I want to be just like you”.

I was at a loss. I had no clue what he was on about, but I smiled.

Read on.

2. I left work one Friday afternoon, to get my wife in Liguanea. She went to the hair dresser, now in the 2nd trimester. I held her hand as she descended the stairs. I held her hands to cross the road. Out of nowhere a black vehicle, tinted very darkly, windows up, stopped in the middle of the road. I heard someone shouting “Yow!” to which I paid no attention to because that’s not my name. The person persisted. I obliged. The fellow in the car, filled with females says to me “Keep it up Bossy, me like that. You don’t see these things everyday anymore

Again, I was at a loss since to me, I’m not doing anything extra-ordinary. I just don’t know any other way. I turned to my wife and asked her what was I doing, she said “Babe you are just being you”. It made me smile.

Read on.

3. We drove into Sovereign Parking lot this Sunday afternoon. 3rd trimester of pregnancy. We’re going to the supermarket. We are both dressed in our Arsenal shirt (yes I had to put that in DUH, there’s your football!). Pulled up to park beside a car. A lady is in the front seat, on the driver side was being nosey, she starts smiling saying “Arsenal, aww what a lovely couple, too cute

We went into the supermarket, did our business and came back. I was holding my wife’s hand, led her to her seat, held the car door, made sure she was seated. This time I was being nosey as the same lady was on her phone with the car window is up, but I could hear what she is saying. “Hol on deh, me deh a town and me see somn and me haffi seh somn to dah young man yah” Window winds down “Keep it up yu hear

In Conclusion

What I have now realised is that our men have lost our respect and our place in society. People are desperately looking for this, looking for men to be men, to have principles and compassion. It makes you no less of a man to show emotions, hold her hand, open her door, lead her up and down the stairs, seat her. In fact, it makes a man, makes you look like a man. Ladies like this, people appreciate this, and your subconscious become at ease.

Gentlemen, please, command the respect we once had. Retake your rightful place in society. Don’t let it leave us behind! We are too long to far enough behind as it is.

For my Pepperseed; You are a Princess and will become a Queen one day. He will have to treat you as such.

***Written by Daddy Reid




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