JAMAICA: 3 Great Places To Visit In St. ANN

St. Ann is the largest parish in Jamaica and lies on the Northern coast of the island. Its main economic activity is tourism, much of which happens in the parish’s popular town, Ocho Rios. The town reflects this with a wealth of adventures to take on and things to do. There are many more adventure than just the three I’ve listed of course and when I visit the rest, I’ll be sure to take you guys along.

Prospect Plantation, ST. ANN

There are few things to do at prospect plantation. Our tour of the plantation included driving the range rovers, having coconuts and feeding peacock. The plantation itself is rich in history dating back to the 1700s. There are lots of interesting things to see, including the plantation house, artifacts within and the history the plantation has with Winston Churchhill.






Green Grotto Caves, ST. ANN

Really, it’very beautiful. But if you aren’t in rat bats though (yes, I did say that), beware. There’s also the possibility of bumping into a snake or two on your way.  It’s dark, damp and maybe a little slippery. The water is beautifully clear, the paths are intriquing and there’s quite a bit of history within. Don’t get lost now, I hear if you do, they won’t find you.(kidding, lol)




Island Gully Falls (Blue Hole), ST. ANN

I’ve been here twice, and both times explored completely different parts of this treasure without overlapping, going on something of tour following the river each time. I will definitely be going again. Not only are the waters mesmerizing and beautiful, the divers and men who aid visitors are so nice and encouraging. I swung off a rope and landed in 25 feet of water, something my chicken self just cannot believe I did. Did I mention just how much I cannot swim?! Totally worth the rush/high though…






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