Life Update: Where Have I Been?

I know I’ve been MIA lately on the blogs, so the short answer is that I’ve been around. Spending some quality time with the family, balancing the transition from being a mother to a young stationary baby and a rambunctious, overzealous (now walking) toddler whilst managing my freelancing and even a bit of study. I wish I could tell you I’m balancing all these aspects well, but that my friends, would be the most epic of LIES! It does though warms my heart that you guys miss me and check on me. I are here! **INSERT BOUNTY KILLER IMPERSONATION HERE **



I never realized how much energy one tiny growing human can have, but booyyyy! Lemme tell you! I feel like it’s a battle of wills and every day ends with the scores; Sio 3 – 0 Shan. This child fights sleep like I have never seen anyone do in all my years, and successfully too! Mamas of multiples, I don’t know how you do it. I bow in reverence. On the flip side, my little chum chum is now 10 months old, with 2 sharp little rice grains for teeth, officially taking longer strides by herself and showing all the attitude I know comes from having me for her Mama!

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She’s finally started doing the baby thing, where any and everything goes to the mouth with lightning speed. She sees everything! I once saw her snatch something off the ground and stuffed it in her mouth in a flash and when I checked it was a strand of hair! She snatches fistfuls of her hair and plucks for dear life! 😩

I’m also in the throes of balancing spoiling her (because let’s face it, she’s our only kid) and discipline. For the most part, she’s well behaved, just hyperactive and nosey. Add the trying not to go my hinges about how my house seems to be in a constant state of disarray no matter how many times a day I try to arrange it just so… *bawls*

But, comes with the territory, eh? I love every minute of being her mom!


My sister who has been away for the better part of a year came home for 2 months and much of my time has been spent with her since. Though most of it has been going here, there and everywhere, I don’t mind. I missed her and I will miss her once she leaves again. It’s been wonderful watching her meet Siobhàn and watching them get used to each other. My husband’s schedule also finally freed up some, as he successfully completed his DM 1 exams and is now officially a senior resident. So we have been able to spend a bit more time bonding and doing things together as a family. Yay us!

My two youngest siblings graduated this year, each aceing their GSAT and CXC exams, so there was lots to celebrate. Boy am I proud!

Working From Home


This what I look like daily… without the big grin, haha!

It’s been going rather well in terms of work coming in, it the balance that I can’t find having to fend off my child while I work and there is no one else around to keep her occupied. I promised myself I wouldn’t let her become a ‘screen baby’ but it works to keep her distracted (sometimes) for an hour at best and I take what I can get. I would love to work at nights, but after she’s done with me, my tank is on E by 8.




Aha! That’s more like it!

So I’m around guys, and will definitely try to do better in keeping up. I’ve had a few new subscribers while I MIA, welcome and thanks for being here!





  • Yayy glad to see you back and to know you’re doing well. Congrats to your family all around too! And ahh, kids. Cherish her rambunctious days 😉

    • Shandean™

      Thanks Rochelle! About the rambunctious little missy, I’m trying hunny I’m trying! 😂

  • lisalemuya

    welcome back looking forward to more posts

  • I can only imagine all the juggling! Great that you’re still find some sort of balance and are keeping sane throughout it all, lol. All the best with everything!

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