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One of the downsides of being married to a doctor is that sometimes, usually for months at a time, there are periods where you don’t spend nearly enough time together. Hello March! If my husband does manage to be at home, he is more or less sleeping or in a zombie-like state. So I decided we needed to do something on Easter Sunday and it was the perfect opportunity to go up the Blue Mountains to a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to since I first heard about it on my trip to The Gap Cafe, Blue Ridge.


View from the restaurant

It’s quite the trip up, it took us a little less than an hour to get there from Papine, and my husband joked that the road was the gift that keeps on giving. Every time we thought we were close, there was more road. The view though is worth the trip!

The rustic vibe restaurant with random items much like artefacts had a nice mellow vibe. It’s bordered by large glass windows to maximize the surrounding view. It wasn’t packed but there were enough people to suggest folks go looking for it, just like we did. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the wait time not bad at all.


Chicken Quesadillas with Cilantro Cream Sauce… half eaten! Haha


Tortilla soup with tomatoes, black beans, corn, carrot, Chipotle seasoning topped with crunchy tortillas and cheese.

I had Chicken Quesadillas with Cilantro Cream Sauce for an appetizer. Now I didn’t order it, my husband did (bless his heart). I’m rarely able to mulch a three-course meal and I wanted to have an empty stomach for the entree. But the Quesadilla’s smelled good and I ended up eating most of it. It’s a good thing he’d ordered soup, too!  I think that might have been deliberate but who knows, I’m just glad. Turns out I still had a lot more belly space to go around.


A few minutes later our main course arrived. I forgot to mention the cute little props on the serving trays that ranged from world globes to Eiffel towers and large butterflies. They were an interesting addition, to add curiosity and maybe a conversation if nothing else.


For the entree, I chose the Smoked Pork in Guava Glaze and a side of Garlic Mashed Green Bananas. It was served perched on steamed vegetables and accompanied by a glass of fruit punch which came with a complimentary refill Now, I admit when I ordered the green bananas, they sounded a lot better than they really were, but as a green banana lover, they definitely improved when eaten with the guava sauce from the pork. The pork was tender and lovely and the sauce sweet and very flavorful. I regret not having the opportunity to eat my bone like I truly wanted.



Smoked Pork in Guava Glaze and a side of Garlic Mashed Green Bananas.


Hubby ordered Linguini with vegetables and chicken in creamy cilantro sauce. In true wife/girlfriend fashion, I had some. Hehe.  I was pretty good and he was the one not able to finish his meal this time.



Linguini with Vegetables and Chicken in Creamy Cilantro Sauce


Then, for dessert and one of the main reasons I went there, the restaurant’s signature drink, the rich blue hot chocolate. My first tip is, the drink is HOT, though the whipped cream on top will inveigle you to let your guard down. That is to say, I scorched my whole tongue on the first sip. Next, even though I was prepared for my tongue to be blue, I wasn’t prepared for blue lips and teeth too!



Blue Hot Chocolate

Have you ever tried to flirt with blue lips? Cz I have and my husband laughed at me. Anyone lost a blue mouthed Becky? Sigh!

All in all, it’s a serene experience in a cool oasis. You should try it!





  • Girl I enjoyed this post! I’ve been longing to go here too, or for that matter, any restaurant along the Blue Mountain Culinary Trail. I mean, I’ve been to the Cafe Blue in Irish Town once for a delightful girls’ day but I only had a cappucino there. Now I want real food haha. Anyway, your opening sentence!😭😭😭 This may not sound like something an empowered woman says but I’m so scared I may have to neglect my future husband & kids sometimes. I hope they’ll be just as supportive as you are but in my mind, it’s worse as a woman. Not to mention bearing in mind things like my biological clock but for now, I’m young enough to conveniently push those thoughts aside. 🙂

    • Shandean™

      Thanks, Rochelle! I had been wanting to visit for a while, more so when I found blog post on it. The Gap is a good place too.

      Re: Mom guilt, however empowered we are, our instinct is to nurture. I feel most women with ambitious career wise and family wise worries about this, but when the time does come, you and your partner will find what works best for your family. 🤗

  • Iriowen

    Great post! It’s good for couples to create time to unwind and enjoy a nice meal after working days unending. It keeps the fire 🔥(love) burning. ♥️🌺
    I have never had any of those appetizers or entrees you mentioned. 😊 Enjoy!

    • Shandean™

      Thank you. You should try some ☺

      • Iriowen

        I will get their recipes online & cook them myself.😊

      • Shandean™

        Nice. Let me know how you like them.

      • Iriowen

        No worries!😊

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