Siobhán Update – 18 (20) Months Old

img_0431I cannot believe how fast this time is going! Then again, I can believe it. When I watch my once mild tempered child catch an attitude and lash out in 0.0001 seconds flat, I can believe it. She is not here to play bruh.


She is talking. Well, as clearly as a child of one year and eight months can manage. Besides the whole explanations and commentary we cannot understand for dear life, she is the resident parrot of the Reid household. She attempts to say everything you do.

Listen nuh man! I am convinced my child is going to cuss in public soon and shame me. I cuss. A lot.

Honestly, it’s something I decided to actively work on when I got pregnant. Now I ‘thought’ I was doing well, but, as you can imagine, the parrot has made clear the contrary. Apparently, I have a ways to go with dropping F-bombs and its been brought to my now consciousness that I use the word ‘shit’ waaay too often. (Surprisingly, I also learned this editing my book, lol).

20180218_112357Due to my lack of ability to adapt my language completely to the little person in my house, she now refers to her Dad as ‘Babe’ when it suits her to do so. Currently, ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ are luxuries to hear. We are either ‘Babe’ and  Shan/ Shandean. I don’t even know how this child knows to call me Shandean. The people who do so are so few and far between.

On the note of talking, she says everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Whatever is not too clear, her royal subjects (Kem & I) must figure out what the babble or the grunt means.

Re: potty training, she says ‘Poo Poo’ for poop, I just need her to tell me before she starts and we should be good.

Patience grasshopper. (Seriously, I’m tired of smelly diapers. Toddler poo is FOUL!)


So I did the thing.

You know, the thing I said I didn’t want to do with my child? I did it. It’s kind of just happened. She is a screen baby. My sweet child loves her some screen time. And shamelessly, I don’t regret it. 7a1e07fe85c3730754dbe1155279d3c7.png

You see, the tablet and phones are hers to dominate. Taking pictures, watching videos and manoeuvring YouTube are daily pass times. See, if I am to get anything, (no seriously) anything at all done, she has to have a device on Dave and Ava.

First off, my kid refuses to entertain anything other than Dave & Ava. I have tried, she will not have it. No Paw 🐾 Patrol, no Peppa 🐷. I’m secretly glad, even if I wish she would at least give something else a chance.

But, there is an upside. With speech came, the ability to count to ten, say the alphabet (however haphazardly) and recognize sounds and animals, etc. Besides this, she had an avid and equal interest in books. So I’ve made sure she has counting and ABC books.

My glad bag buss. Problem with the books is, you need to be with her. So she can ‘read’ and point while you pronounce what she wants you to. But once there’s time, we read with her.


So, despite the hate screen time gets, I really can’t hate on it. Plus, there are playtime songs she likes a lot and she has plenty of space to run around the house and entertain herself.


She has been a late teether, her molars are finally coming in. She is grumpy at times, particularly intolerant, but other than the absolute catastrophic entry of them breaking gum a few months ago, she is handling it well. Some loose stool and grumpiness here and there, but it’s not too bad.

Oh, this past weekend, Hubby and I had a much needed weekend without the little lady. She fared better than I expected and wasn’t hostile upon our return like I feared. (Haha). It was a great time, much needed as a couple and as friends, but by the end, we were both more than ready to get back to ‘Tibby’.

All in all, she is so full of wonder. I want to cry when I see her sleeping and her limbs look extra long. Sigh! Guys, motherhood is everything I expected it to be and more. I love her so much! I can’t wait to talk to her and her what’s going on in her little head lol. (I know, I know, I may regret that). I’m still looking forward to it.


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  • Alexis Chateau

    Lmao. I am totally inconsiderate adult who drops the F-bomb around a toddler without thinking. I stay far away from kids! 😂

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