Skincare: Road To Recovery

Last June, my skin decided to really wild out. I had apparently developed two types of eczema and acne. Eventually, everything I used caused inflammation, and I had unprovoked waves of it every other day. Eventually, I was reduced to only using water, and even then, I still had breakouts in waves. As someone who never had to truly battle more than a few pimples at a time, this really put me in a tailspin.

It hurt even more because of my skin, prior to this breakout was doing exceptionally well.  The glow was unreal.

After months of struggling and thousands of dollars in medicated creams, gels, shampoos and scalp lotions (I had(ve) eczema on my scalp as well), the inflammations stopped but would return a soon as I used anything except water. Needless to say, my skin looked awful in texture, filled with constant blackheads and pimples extending to my shoulders, colour and with scarring and became awfully dry due to the mediated gels that would sometimes burn.

Eventually, I was able to keep the inflammation away and relatively free from breakouts by applying a witch hazel and tea tree oil mixture.

I turned to Colette and asked for recommendations. She gave me some and I am using them. I put some updates on my Instagram page. I started using the products about three weeks ago, and this is my progress to date, using only two of the products.

Before                                           One Week Using Products                        Three Weeks Using Products

Though I was prepared to wait a few weeks to see if they helped, two days after using the cleanser for the first time I notice a distinct difference in the texture of my skin. Needless to say, I ran out and bought the toner, my friend had recommended as well. She recommended a few others, but since I am home in Jamaica, I will have to wait a while for them to arrive after purchase.

The products I am currently using are Ole Henriksen Oil Control Cleanser and Ole Henriksen Glow2OH™ Dark Spot Toner. I will be doing a review of the products at the end of eight weeks. I am also hoping to introduce more products along the way.

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