JAMAICA: Cane River, St. Andrew

One beautiful Sunday morning, I felt the need to get out of the house. After a few minutes, we settled for going to Cane River, St. Andrew, a hidden gem with a waterfall. We drove through St. Andrew rather than St. Thomas, and may have gotten a little bit lost before getting there. After a few twists and turns, we got there; realizing upon arrival that we had ventured there over a year ago, but wasn’t able to enjoy it then because there had been a downpour and the proprietor’s advised against braving the water. So, second time’s the charm.


It had a nice vibe and music. The road to the falls is a long and winding stairs (cut through rock). It’s a long way down.


At the bottom, surrounded by large boulders, is free flow of cool (or cold) fresh water.

The shallow parts of the river bed are perfect for small children. The water is clear and moving. The stones are, however, quite sharp underfoot. We had to ensure Sio kept her Crocks on, though she didn’t seem to notice. (She loves the water).

The waterfall is no joke and delivers a powerful beating, so if you choose to go at it, do so with grit.

Directly beneath the fall is a pool where you can swim an chill, however, it’s terribly cold and Sio began to turn blue after a few minutes. The funny thing is she still hollered as we carried her out of it.

If you’re looking for a day out, it a cool hidden gem in the hills ofSt.Andrew/St.Thomas. Music locals and pretty cheap, about JM$100/adult.

Let me know if you get to check it out!


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