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Hey, the loves! Welcome back to my blog. I hope you’re having an awesome ‘time between Christmas and New Years’ couple of days. Well, I’m interrupting. We’re having a BLOG PARTY! As Blogmas reminded me, there are lots of relatable, fun and interesting blogs here that I never come across. The idea of meeting here is nice. I’ve definitely caught the blogging bug from participating in blogmas this year and figured, ‘What the best way to find some great new bloggers to add to my community and grow my blog to the 500 WordPress+Email mark for the new year? Answer? Definitely a blog party!

So, I’ll start. Hi! My name is Shandean. Shandean Reid is my Lifestyle Blog where you will find anything about my very Jamaican, millennial life from motherhood, owning a business and being an author, to home decor, reviews and life being married to a doctor. I’d love to meet you and check out your blog!

blog party

How to Participate

  • Introduce yourself in the comments. and write a quick intro to your blog
  • Share the link to your blog
  • Follow at least one blog and comments.
  • Talk to other bloggers in the comments
  • Re-blog the post and incite your blogger friends..

And since we are here…

We may as well follow each other on the socials! Here are mine.

Shandean Reid

Hi, there! I’m Shan, a heavily caffeinated Jamaican millennial and effectual storyteller at heart. This blog is my transparent narration of life as a physician’s wife, mom, communications professional, self-published erotic fiction author and anything else I need to be on a given day. I hope you’ll consider subscribing!



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