Get to Know Me: 15 Q+A

Today, I decided to do a get to know me post. I’ve wanted to do this for a while now, so that I can form a connection with all the new (and old) subscribers of my blog. I love finding out about the bloggers of the blog I enjoy. I want to continue to foster a relationship with my community. Let’s dive in!

1. Where are you from and where do you live?

I was born and raised in Jamaica. I’ve never lived anywhere else and though, I’ve visited the US, I’ve never been away for more than a few months at a time. As at the writing of this post, I still live here.

2. What Is your star sign?

I’m a summer baby, and a Leo. ♌️

3. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have three sisters, and we’re very close. I also have two gained trough marriage.

4. How long have you been married?

In 2021, I’ve been married for 6 years. Incidentally, this year, we’ve also been together for ten years. Not bad for a ‘Hi’ when you are bored on Facebook.

5. What did you study?

I have a degree in Management Studies, and Entrepreneurship.

6. Coffee or Tea

Coffee, definitely coffee! Haven’t you heard? I’m The Caffeinated Powerhouse

get to know me

7. What’s your coffee order?

Mocha with coconut or almond milk.

8. Do you play any sports

I played Netball in high school, but that’s about it.

9. How many children do you want?

Hmm. Between one and two. I can’t see myself being pregnant more than twice. I’ve already gone one, and I would like her to have a sibling, but we’ll just have to see what the future holds.

10. Can you cook?

I don’t think myself to be Martha Stewart or anything, but I do make fairly good meals, I think. Though, asking me to bake, is another matter entirely. Even with instructions, it might turn out dismal. Bless my husband’s heart for eating whatever I attempt to make and his encouragement to try new recipes.

11. What did you want to be when you were younger?

I wanted to be a Veterinarian. I love animals, and I’m in complete awe of (most) them. That engine , however, sputtered and died when I found out I would need to go to medical school to become a Vet.

That was not for me at all, so now, I give thanks to David Attenborough. I ‘m quite content to watch them on ‘Planet Earth’ Episodes and Nat Geo Wild , thank you very much!

12. Do you have nay tattoos?

Yes, I do. Three of them, actually.

13. What book are you reading right now?

I’m writing one. Or a two… or three rather.

14. What’s you favourite colour?

I don’t have one.

15. What are some of you aspirations?

To buy a house, ad to finally settle into a life an routine that I have no plans to move from long term.

I hope you were able to decipher a bit more about me through this post. I hope you will do a bit of your own ‘Get to Know Me’ so that I can get to know you, too!

Xo, Shan

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  • Shelly DS

    Yay! I love get to know me posts. Funny thing is I think you’ll end up having a few more kids… there are always surprises unless you make sure to avoid it 😂

  • Bianca

    I love these types of posts on blogs! It’s fun seeing what you have in common with other bloggers. Definitely going to write my own!

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