5 Great Benefits of Blogging for Business

If you’re new to my blog, you may not know that I have a business writing agency and that I started blogging for business shortly after starting this, my personal and lifestyle blog. You may also not know that I had tried to start an online business plan writing business a few years before I started blogging, but it went nowhere. What was the difference between the two attempts? If you said blogging, you are absolutely correct.

My first rodeo was around 2014. I had a personal Facebook account and an Instagram account that I posted not a few pictures of myself and my then-boyfriend/fiancé, now husband and they were locked to a few followers who knew me on some level. All of that to say, my online presence was slim to none and my brand nonexistent and I had a 9-5. Still, I posted ads on Instagram and Facebook that went nowhere really. I had a few offers but I’d end up with friends wanting my help for free and disappearing at the thought of paying even though I was charging little to nothing.

My second attempt was eons better. This time, I had a hundred followers and had broken the 10,000 views barrier on my blog. I was surprised and very interested in the fairly large reach in a small amount of time. I eventually had the idea to try that for my business and did. The result was amazing. Writing articles told people what my business was about and shared information with them.

blogging for business

It was this particular element [blogging] that made my second go more successful than the first. I was able to establish my knowledge base and sell my services online, even with a small social media following. You can do it, too. Her is how blogging for business can benefit you and your brand, whatever your niche.

1. Business Blogging is Content Marketing

Blogging for business is an excellent way to share on multiple occasions, the knowledge you have on your industry and niche. Blogging for your business often takes the form of content marketing. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach whereby the brand focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to its readers. By sharing this content, the brand is able to attract its target customers and eventually convert them to paying customers.

2. Aids/Improves SEO and Drives Traffic

Consistent blogging means that your website is often picked up as one that provides the solution your target clients are looking for when they search the internet. Attracting your clients to your website to read your blog, improves the chances for them to discover your products and services. More traffic more leads to more conversions. That is the goal.

3. Blogging for Your Business Builds Trust

By having multiple pieces displayed across the web, your potential client is much more likely to trust your presence. With so many scams and unethical ‘business’ on the vast internet streets, the more your audience can find online about you and your work when they punch your name into a search engine, the better.

4. Helps to Establish Industry Authority

The more your blog about your niche or industry, the more topics you are likely to cover over time, and your experience will show. Displaying your experience can go a far way in establishing your brand and being a subject matter expert in your field.

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5. Helps Build an Email Marketing List

A blog is one of the more traditional ways to build an email list. Email lists are very important when it comes to selling, and are the preferred way to retain a potential customer who finds themselves returning to your blog frequently for all the goodness [content] you provide. can be a lucrative extension of your marketing strategy. With an email list, you build an even more personal relationship with subscribers, target the team even more accurately and sell them more personal solutions to their problems.


All these benefits are important for your business and will contribute to its success anyway, right? So why not achieve them through blogging?

Do you employ blogging for business as a strategy for your business? What other benefits did you notice, if you did? Let’s talk in the comments.

XO, Shandean

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