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As a bookworm, let me share my 2021 reading list with you. Despite the busy year, I found the time to squeeze in a few books. In fact, whenever the heat got too high for me mentally, diving headfirst in a good novel fiction does wonders. I can explain it, but somehow, reading a whole novel in a day or two helps to calm my nerves and keeps me from fraying at the edges. My imagination needs to be fed.

Romance fiction novels (If you couldn’t tell from the fact that I wrote one and have two on ice) and good mystery novels are my vice. Sure, non-fiction is great, but for me, good fiction is a little like crack. Anyway, here’s what I got into reading this year.

I’m not giving reviews in this list, just listing them, a bit about the authors and why I like them.

1. Freed – E. L. James

Finally! I waited so long for this book. It’s the final instalment of the Fifty Shades of Grey sixth and trilogy, the third from Christian Grey’s perspective. I know the Fifty Shades Trilogy (or rather, what do you call it when there are six books?) isn’t for everyone. But me? They are for me, thank you very much.

This book gets the number one spot for me because it’s one of three books I was waiting on to be released. I already loved the FSG series, but there’s something about narrating from the depth of the character’s consciousness that speaks to me. Besides that, you will never convince me that the writing the exact same story from different perspectives of different individuals isn’t genius. She sold us the exact same story twice. E. L. James did that! Gotta love the hustle and appreciate that the second set must have been tougher to write to make it work.

…you will never convince me that writing the exact same story from the perspectives of different individuals isn’t genius.

I don’t care, I don’t care. E. L. James is iconic for that.

2. Straight Up Love – Lexi Ryan

My most recent and likely final read of 2021 was Straight Up Love. It was enough to send me looking for more titles from her.

Lauren Layne

I discovered Lauren Layne this year and dived into a few books from her collection. They were good, I’m going to say. They weren’t soul snatching or anything, but they were good enough for me to keep reading and seeking out other titles by her and eventually grown to really like her stuff. I’ve blown through a few this year and last. In addition to what I read this year, I’ve read Someone Like You, Blurred Lines, Broken, The Trouble with Love, Love the One You’re With and a few others. Here are the titles from her that I read this year.

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3. Marriage on Madison Avenue

4. Love on Lexington Avenue

5. Irresistibly Yours

6. Hard Sell

Tessa Bailey

I got into Tessa Bailey last year. She is also a novelist. I’m not a fond if everything she writes, but a few make it worth giving her work a shit each time I come them. From Tessa, I’ve read The Runaway Bride, Staking His Claim and Protecting What’s His and Asking for Trouble. So far and I’m happy to keep exploring her catalog. And ain’t to complete the Line of Duty series.

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7. Staking His Claim

Staking his claim is my favourite. It’s Book 5 in Line of Duty.

8. Officer Off Limits

This book was one Tessa’s good ones. It’s number three in the Line of Duty series, the first two having caught my attention.

My 2022 Reading List

There’s a few reads on my radar to read in 2022, but as with anything, let’s see how that goes.

  1. Obama – Barak Obama
  2. Midnight Sun – Stephenie Mayer
  3. Protecting What’s Theirs – Tessa Bailey
  4. His Risk to Take – Tessa Bailey
  5. Unbreak Me – Lexi Ryan
  6. The Wring Kind of Love – Lexi Ryan

It was a good reading year if you ask me. I don’t like to count, but as far as I am concerned, with adulthood and everything else, if I read six books, I’m golden.

What was on your 2021 reading list? 2022? Let me know in the comments.

Xo, Shandean

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