PrettyCare Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

I wanted a small, efficient vacuum for my apartment so I tried the PrettyCare Cordless Vacuum which I ordered on Amazon. It looked like exactly something I was thinking I would like. It’s the right size, cordless, has multiple attachments and of course, isn’t too expensive. As you can imagine, it’s quite dusty on the ground floor no matter if you keep your place locked up tight. I’d had it with the broom and scoop. It wasn’t very effective anyway and wasn’t helpful in getting the dust and so on setting beneath the sofa seat sections.

Ordering and Delivery

I bought the vacuum on Amazon and even with a Prime account and a Prime shipment option displayed, it took seven days to be delivered to me here in Saskatchewan, Canada. I didn’t mind too much, since living further north sees me waiting a few days more than I’m used to for deliveries from Amazon.

PrettyCare Cordless vacuum in a package
PrettyCare Cordless Vacuum Rechargeable Cleaner

Design & User Experience

I got the navy blue vacuum. I believe they also had it in red. It’s beautiful and I love it. The vacuum is well-designed. It’s got a large enough handle to make maneuvering it easy. It’s also easy to assemble and disassemble. It allows cleaning and emptying to be a quick affair. It’s equally quick and easy to swap out the attachments when I need to. It works great for the baseboards, vents and sofa as well as the floor. It come with a wall mount (which I haven’t used so I bc any tell you if it works) and an extra filter pad. The filter pads are sturdy and washable.

I thought the dust barrel to be small initially. It is listed as 1.2L. Since I’ve yet to fill it up even after several rounds of use before emptying it, I can’t in good conscience say that it is ‘small’ anymore. Additionally, I love that the battery percentage rage is displayed when it’s on and charging.

The PrettyCare Cordless Vacuum is easy to store. I can stash it away in a closet or corner fully assembled or pull it down. It makes it easy to store, which is great.

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Usage Time

I made sure that the PrettyCare Cordless vacuum was charged up to 100% before I went on a vacuuming spree around my apartment. My apartment wasn’t super dirty, however, it’s a ground-floor unit and so dust is pretty much an everyday reality, even with doors and windows only occasionally open.

Blue PrettyCare Cordless rechargeable cleaners with three attachments, an extra filter, charger and wall mount.

I vacuumed the floors of two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, an entryway, a hallway, kitchen space and the sofa. Since this review is being published two months after I started writing it, I can get one good vacuum session in my entire apartment, and then a series of kitchen and entryway touch-ups before charging again. I’d say it’s somewhere between 40 minutes to an hour of run time from the vacuum.

But the time it gets to 10%, you have about 2 minutes or so before it well and truly dies.

I’d say it’s somewhere between an hour and hour and a half of use time from the vacuum.

Charging time

The vacuum takes about three to four hours to fully charge up when the battery runs down completely.

What I Don’t Like About the Vaccum

The new one thing I would change (I don’t know if I would really change it) is that the largest attachment with the rolling brush can get dust cause caught around it. It has a sort of lining that captures the dust and if you don’t clean it frequently, you can end up just pushing the dust around. However, it mostly traps dust. I typically clean it by just getting a damp/wet paper towel square. I give it a quick wipe to get the dust off and she is ready to roll again (literally).

It has two speeds and I never use the lower one. I do wish it has just a bit more power, but it’s not something that would make me reconsider buying it.

Final Thoughts on PrettyCare Cordless Vacuum

Overall, I love this thing. It’s light and makes it super easy to keep the floors clean and crumb-free without requiring too much muscle. It’s especially great for quick passovers in the bathroom since I shed hair like a pet. It is equally functional for crumbs in the kitchen from daily use and dirt that gets left behind in the entryway due to outside-shoes traffic.

Have you tried the PrettyCare Cordless vacuum or something similar? Let me know in the comments

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Opening and testing the PrettyCare Cordless vacuum

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