What is Content? Why Is It Important?

Whether you have a blog, a website, or just some social media pages for your business or personal use, your content matters. It is not simply putting out a piece whether it is good or bad and that will miraculously bring your medium enough attention or traffic to see the conversion rate that you want.

Depending on where you are in the content strategy field, all that we’ve just said may sound like gibber jabber. So let’s start with some basics. What is content? This is not an easy concept to define and many companies or sources will have a different explanation on what it is. Put simply, content is the information and tools put out by a particular entity to enhance the brand experience, brand being whomever is putting out the content. So this can be articles, blogs, pictures, videos, etc. So before we look at content quality there are some key questions to ask, namely;

  1. Who is the target of your content? Who is it for? (The Who)

  2. What is the purpose of your content? Why should the target audience care? (The Why)

  3. What is the end game? What is your content expected to do for you? (The Conversion)

Ultimately, you need to understand who you are putting out the information for and what do you want them to do with it? The answer may be dependent on your platform.


For example; the content on your blog is to engage, inform and/or entertain (The Why) a certain niche who is interested in what it is you are blogging about (The Who). The end goal is to get your readers to buy/hire or subscribe/follow to read (Conversion).

Another example is; the content on your Youtube Channel is to engage, inform and/or entertain (The Why) a certain niche who is interested in what it is you are making videos or vlogging about (The Who). The end goal is to get your readers to subscribe/follow to your channel and watch your videos, like and subscribe to them (Conversion).

So we’ve covered The Who, The Why and The Conversion. It is important to note that ultimately, the quality and nature of your content is dependent on all three factors and as such, if your content is not created to fill all three states at all times, particularly, the conversion, you are wasting your time. With content, quality is always better than quantity, especially if the end goal is business. Though in a paradox, an online presence requires frequent , hence, large quantities of content to be maintained as relevant.

So if you are wondering, yes, you are currently taking in content of Shandean WR Business Services in the form of an information blog.

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Shandean Reid

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