My Favorite Phone Apps

We all have those apps that make our lives more interested or better or easier… So I thought I would share mine with you l. Keep in mind this list is in addition to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.



This is a great app for time keeping. If you are working on a timed project, you can use toggl to track it and generate invoices. Definitely a plus to have as a freelancer.



The UpWork app supports the websites. So you can do everything from job search to instant messaging.



I’m totally in love  with the WordPress app. I use it as much as any other social media app on my phone. It’s a breeze to manage multiple websites and blogs and to read and keep up with my favorite wordpress blogs.



I love love love Pocket. It’s an app for saving articles for reading at a later time. It’s a reader’s right hand. 


Yep! I love my kindle. Awesome to read on and quick buy for e-books.


I have a possibly embarrassing number of email addresses, but my business and personal emails are on GMail and GSuite.



This is a ladies app. Tracking the menstrual cycle. It’s wonderfully accurate. Psst! Used it after it was recommended by someone to get pregnant. Got pregnant month two. Recommended it to friend who got pregnant within the same time span. Soo… you know… haha. It’s good!


Remember The Milk

This one, I haven’t been using for very long but already hooked. It’s  an awesome to do list app. This is another that’s helpful to freelancers.

Google Keep

Google keep is awesome for notes and documents keeping that is available in the clouds. It’s a great way to share information in real-time with others as well.



This app has a lot of picture editing features that are quite useful. Resizing, editing, customizing, video creations, collages, etc.


Google Drive

Definitely a plus to keep important documents here. Plenty of time I’ve needed to send a quick email for one reason or another and this is where my important files are kept.

Do you know about any great apps you want to share?

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.



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