Skincare: Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads

Aveeno is well known for gentle skincare products. I’ve used a few products from the Positively Radiant line and it suddenly dawned on me that I should do reviews of my favourite products. The Positively Radiant line is AWESOME!

The pads come in a well sealed plastic jar. They are well saturated with soapy product, with a smooth side and a studded, textured side for exfoliation. They smell great and leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean and visibly smooth, moisturized and feeling soft. They are also great for removing dirt and makeup residue.

The jar comes with 28 pads and each pad is 3.35″ in diameter. 20171231_104222.jpg

dialog-148815_960_720Tip: A little product goes a long way. For this reason, I cut each pad into four (4) so yes, I get 4x the use from each jar. It still does great being that small and saves a ton. You can cut into two (2) if that works for you. As an additional measure, I cleanse my face before using them.

Where: You can find them in almost any beauty store and are available on Amazon.

Cost: At my local grocery store (supermarket) they retail for JMD$1323.91 which is about US$10.71. You can purchase a Pack of 3 on Amazon for US$17.93.


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