What A Year, 2018


I would lament on the fact that the year all but raced away, but I think we’re all very aware of it already.

The past year has been amazing. I’ve accomplished most of what I set out to do in some areas and exceeded my plans in others. Above all, I felt like ME again. Stella got her grove back baby! And then some.

Parenthood (Motherhood)

I’ve been completely content, loving and struggling with my built-in-best-friend. She is a total mini me and plenty of fun and entertainment. Did I think she was parroting before, well she sure showed me. Everything is repeated and she is talk talks so now, what she says makes sense. As predicted, her lack of peers her own age makes her interactions largely grown like.

Last night was supposed to be the first night of transition of little miss in sleeping in her own room, but I found myself sleeping alone and hubby in a room of pink and Aquamarine colours. Apparently, he’s not as ready as he thought to not get kicked in the face and back. Me? I slept like a baby 😂 Dem awright!




This year, Boobles and I adjusted (quite well I would say) to the transition from having a baby to being parents of having a toddler (Please note, they are NOT the same). Sio has personality, spunk, and one big basket of adorable and lip!

I became Mommy and Shandean type of mommy and Boobles became Daddy, Kemoi, Boobles and Babe type of Daddy. (Yes, she actually calls him ‘Babe’. What can I say, kids are sponges 🤷🏽‍♀️). I’ve been loving on and enjoying my tribe this year, with no plan to stop in sight. There’s so much more for us to do and experience as three, I can’t wait!



Hubby and I got back into the grove of spending time together as a couple, polishing the edges of our marriage to make all shiny. This is something that became a bit lost in 2017, focusing on our girl. We had that family type of unity, but didn’t quite service our relationship the way we were used to doing. I mean, it’s understandable, being new parents and all, but I strongly don’t believe in neglecting one’s marriage for an extended period as a consequence of having children.

See, parents make the home, and if we’re both fulfilled in terms of happiness (Mentally and emotionally) then, our daughter can only draw from that experience. The union that created the child shouldn’t cost that child stability and structure. So we dated each other, and had more sex, and flirted more and was deliberate in having baby-free time. It was lovely. See that, that’s that work you have to put in to stay in love and involved. Life isn’t easy. He’s still gone a lot and got a lot on his plate what with being a husband, father, doctor and student and all, but he’s managing beautifully and I’m immensely proud and try to be as supportive as I can manage.

May we continue to flourish in the years to come.

Personal & Business

For me, these things are almost one and the same. They’re heavily intertwined as my social life is limited to close friends and family and often, as much as I can manage, I do endeavour to spend time with them.


I wrote a novel! (In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and didn’t know that yet.) I actually did it. Completed the whole shebang and published it and went on to write another non-fiction business plan guide. I’ve two more novels and at least one non-fiction in the works. Hubby is still in awe about the book, and I love it. His being proud means the world to me. ☺️ Among the fact that I was able to pull off something that seemed like just a background wish my entire life, I’m satisfied that with the same mindset and work attitudes from the past year, I’ll be able to accomplish so much more and solidify what I’ve started.

Apart from that bit, we’ve been able to travel twice and evenly interject much needed breaks. Our family is debt free (not including student loans).

Here’s to hoping 2019 will bring us to being completely free of liabilities and more prosperity in our affairs.


It was a year of setting foundations and planning. We have plans for our family and I for my business model. Creating multiple passive income streams and in the process of planning content delivery expansion as part of my value based business for entrepreneurs was the focus and much of that planning will be delivered in the nee year.

Here’s to hoping a year of sowing seeds lead to a year of reaping into 2019!! Happy New Year!




  • What an awesome year! An even more wonderful 2019 to you and your family when it comes. Ahh, Sio is so much spunk.

    • Shandean™

      Thank you, love. May your 2019 be prosperous and your career take flight. May you discover more treasures to share with us 🤗🎊🎊🎊

  • (late) Happy New Year hun, and congrats on all you’ve done! I love your openness and pride in your family/marriage, keep sharing 🙂 It’s refreshing! I intend to get your business plan book btw. Keep shining

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