JAMAICA: Royal DeCameron Club Caribbean Resort REVIEW

Hey guys! As you know the Libra weekend celebrations in the Reid household are now a thing every second week in October. . This year, we spent our weekend at Royal Decameron Club Caribbean Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.

Lobby Entrance

I chose this hotel for three reasons;

  1. We really liked Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach. The service, serenity and peaceful nature of the resort were great. We also really liked although our visit was just us, the resort was perfect for families as well. However, we wanted to check out a different hotel.
  2. It was below my budget. And honeeyy, we on budget chile! I wanted three nights by the hook or the crook. We needed the break and it was priced well enough to be attractive without being too much of an experiment (see point number one). Plus the reviews were pretty good.


Check-in was pretty quick. It was a few minutes. The receptionist was polite and informative, as we were offered drinks as soon as we approached the desk.


So the room was by our standards, small. The bathroom was small too, and not very toddler functional. That said, we got used to it pretty quickly. There was a chest with drawers, a king-wide bed, two bedside tables and a wall mounted television.


The food was okay. Each meal was inclusive of varying options, which we needed with a picky toddler. We were usually able to entice her with something. So thank heavens for that.


I will say this, though the Runaway Bay property is much larger than the two in Montego Bay, there was definitely noticeably less to do.

The property definitely seemed to cater a little more to an older population and kids entertainment ended at a kids club service (which we didn’t use because that’s not for us) and a playground. It seemed an afterthought to me. Both the property had pools with depths starting at 4ft. Nevertheless, Sio enjoyed the playground and the beach immensely.

They had canoes and glass bottom boats but not much activity around there. The playground was empty most of the time and Sio had free reign running about, climbing, sliding and engaging us in a game of ‘Hide and See’.

The beach space is expansive. Very long, no-one competing for space. The beach itself I don’t think was great. The beach seemed to have darker silt in the sand and as a Jamaican native, I think we’re spoiled in our love for white sand beaches.


We love views. There was plenty of scenic views to enjoy along the beach and garden walkways. My Sio even engaged us once a day on the piers with ‘crab watching’.

All in all, we had a very relaxing stay. We just don’t think it’s the best choice for kid’s entertainment. I’d give it an overall 3/5.

Until the next one!

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