Christmas Movies You Can Enjoy With The Family

Christmas movies

Christmas movies are part of what makes the season special. As a youngster, my sisters and I watched most of the classic Christmas movies together, even if I’ve grown up and traded them for the cheesyflicks now on Netflix. Still, Christmas magic never leaves and the movie light a warm candle in our hearts or enrich our laughter when we can curl up on the couch and watch a good one.

1. A Christmas Carol (2009)

Christmas movies

The remake of the Christmas Carol by Disney, Mr. Scrooge reconsiders his life when he has three unexpected visitors on Christmas Eve.

2. The Holiday (2006)

Change isn’t always a bad thing! This is a romantic, couch worthy one for couples. Stranger swap homes for a time and find more than they bargained for.

3. Jack Frost (1999)

Christmas movies

You need tissues for this one. Ambition, loss and believing in your loved ones are the main themes. Jack Frost is among the earliest Christmas movie I remember coming over the local channels in Jamaica.

4. Ghost of Girlfriends Past (2009)

A womanizer faces the horror that is his past present and future in a setting of the three ghosts of Christmas.

5. Home Alone (1999)

Christmas movies

Every Christmas, trouble finds him, alone. With several movies in the listing, you can binge! The kids will enjoy it.

6. Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish (1998)

Christmas movies

Money isn’t everything. Valuable lessons coming out of this one with a young Richie learning valuable life as a rich youngster.

I love these movies, and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. What are some of your holiday favourites?

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  • Shelly DS

    Great picks!

  • Candi

    I’ve seen “the holiday” floating around my Netflix and since it made this list I’ll give it a watch.

    My Christmas isn’t complete without watching home alone for the millionth time. Loved this list!

  • Nella

    I love these movies! Definitely some great picks. I think Elf is a good one to be up there too.

  • Motherhood &Things

    Nice picks. Let me add “Almost Christmas” to this list. It features Danny Glover and Mo’nique along with Gabrielle Union. It’s a comedy drama with an all black cast. Really good watch.

  • Vanessa Hartley

    Ahhhh! Ive just been watching Hallmark! When my schedule settles down, I’ll catch up on all of these. Can’t be Christmas without binging old Christmas movies

  • Jan

    Holiday, Home Alone, Richie Rich – I absolutely love them! They make Christmas even better 😍

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