4 Tips for Fresher, Brighter Laundry

Who does want fresher, brighter laundry? It’s the holidays and we know as Jamaicans,

Christmas cyah keep inna dutty house.

Translation: We can’t celebrate Christmas in a dirty house.

One of the consequences of ‘spring’ cleaning is a throng of laundry, stemming from changing curtains, tablecloths, coverings and whatever else you can name. It comes as no surprise then, that the satisfaction of a load of laundry is not just that they’re clean, but that they smell and look the part. What else is going to motivate you to fold and put that pile away?!

So I thought I’d share a few ways to give laundry that extra boost of freshness and brightness.

Tip #1 – Add Vinegar or Baking Soda

For my whites, sheets, towels, I add vinegar to my wash. It can be added to clothes that are in need of brightening or odor cleansing, too. Just add ½ cup of distilled white vinegar to your washing machine during the cycle. This will help to neutralize grime and naturally whiten your laundry items while simultaneously softening them! Thank me, later!

Tip#2 – Wash Smaller/ Lighter Loads

Even though we’re mindful or electricity costs, smaller loads help water, detergents, fabric softer and other cleaning agents circulate better through fabrics. A full machine tub, especially of a heavier laundry load tends not to wash as well as medium to small loads. The difference is much more apparent in the difference in aroma. Don’t believe me? Try it!

Tip#3 – Clean Your Washing Machine

This might seem obvious, but we’re not talking about the places you can see and wipe down. Soap residue and minerals from detergents build up in the washing machine and can cause odors that may transfer to your clothes.

Fresher laundry

Some washing machines have a clean cycle and others do not. To clean tubs without, fill the tub up to about 25% and add vinegar or bleach generously allow a short or fast wash cycle.

Tip#4 – Choose Fabric Softeners carefully.

Some brands do a fantastic job of conditioning laundry but leave a hue in whites making them appear dull. For example, I discovered that my favourite fabric softener, which is yellow, leaves not just it’s conditioning and wonderful scent behind, it also adds an unwelcome yellow tint. It took me way too long to discover this, so if you know you’re doing everything right and you laundry that should be bright whites isn’t, take a good look mat that fabric softener!

BONUS Tip – Dry Them Outside

I’m from the tropics, and here we are afraid of the light bill man, so for most people, even if we could squeeze in a dryer, the thought of that monthly electricity bill keeps us away. However, for us, the ultimate tip for fresher, brighter laundry is to use the great outdoors. there’s nothing like sun-fresh laundry, an if you can swing it where you are in the summertime, try some lines and hanging your closeout. It’s a great option for large rugs or carpets, you can spot clean and ‘sun’ them out. And hey, it’s good for the planet!

Xo, Shan,

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  • I’ve honestly never thought about doing a cleaning cycle on the machine but now I will! Thank you.

  • Shelly DS

    Everything you have mentioned is exactly the opposite of what I do! I just recently found out about stripping clothes with vinegar but was too lazy to soak clothes in a tub. Your tip of putting the vinegar in the machine sounds so much easier!

  • Nella

    Honestly, I feel like I just did a masterclass on laundry. You gave some really good tips. I’m going to try that vinegar trick with my whites. Love the post.

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