Vegan Ice Cream, Vineyard Town Premium Blend

I never thought I would be the person to be talking about Vegan anything, let alone vegan ice cream. But hear me out, since I have migraines and it affects my consumption of dairy products, I didn’t eat ice cream too often and when I did, I’d have to contend with headaches. Then a few months ago, I saw Vineyard Town Premium Blend, a locally made (Jamaican) ice cream brand from a company called BabyLove C-G Foods floating around Twitter. On closer inspection, I found out they were a vegan ice cream made with a coconut milk base.

A lot of hype was created around the product, and after getting my hands on the first tub by chance, I soon realized they do not stay on the shelves very long. So if I see it when I go into the grocery store, I’m getting. They have a good range of flavours, like old favourites such as rum and raisin and grape nut. There are the tropical and fruity flavours as well such as Soursop, Blu Java (coffee), Coconut Blitz and Strawberry twist to name a few. They also make some seasonal flavours like Sorrel. I’ve tried four flavours; Coco-Nut (Grapenut), Coconut Blitz (my favourite), Coconut Vanilla and Strawberry Banana. Here are my thoughts.


The texture is very smooth and may contain really pieces fruit depending on the flavour. It’s light and melts instantly on your tongue. Because the ice cream base is made from coconut milk, it doesn’t hold form for long outside the freezer, but that’s okay. It makes it home. There’s also no brain freeze, which is a plus for me.


As I said previously, I wondered about the taste of vegan ice cream and whether I would enjoy it enough to indulge on a regular basis. The answer is. big fat YES! The ice cream tastes amazing! While I do have a coconut bias, the ice cream is very good and the hype is worth it.

My Favourites

My favourite flavours are Coconut Blitz, Coconut Vanilla and Coco-Nut (grape nut). I wasn’t keen on the Strawberry Banana and I want to try the Blu Java (Coffee) flavour next.


I get a 16oz tub for J$800 at ,y grocery store, and I think its nice priced considering the value.

Final Thoughts

I really like the ice cream guys. I really wish they would make a larger tub, so I can get more for the family. But as far as vegan ice cream go, this is my first and I absolutely enjoy it. I get a tub or two eat month.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever tried vegan ice cream? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments.

Xo, Shandean,

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