Drinking Green Juice for a Month – This Happened

Just a few weeks ago, I shared the green juice recipe I tried for the first time; Today I am sharing the results of drinking green juice for a month. This wasn’t the plan (I didn’t have one) but after I liked it, I decided to keep making it. So every morning, I make the time in our routine to get that green juice ready for my husband and me (uh-huh, I’ve dragged him right along into the mess with me) before we head out. My goal was to get something healthy into my system to see whether I would feel better, etc. I just don’t feel we eat enough greens around here.

What Time of the Day Did I Drink It

I typically have my green juice first thing every morning (ongoing at the moment), between 7 am and 8 am. I have it while on the drop-off rounds with my tribe in the mornings, and if I’m late, I have it after my rounds, about 9. I wait an hour or so before I have coffee, to give my body time to do its thing with all that goodness. Whatever that is.

There has been a missed day here and there, but I’ve been diligent to stay on track for the most part. My husband drinks it when I make it without fuss, but his grin spreads like a Cheshire Cat when I don’t feel like making it myself since he will not actively participate in making it. Lol!

Green juice has multiple health benefits, like reducing inflammation and heart disease risk. Certain leafy greens are loaded with vitamins and compounds that boost digestive health by functioning as prebiotics.

My Green Juice Recipes

Over the course of the month, my recipe each week differed slightly based on what was available in my local grocery store. I didn’t mind as it gave me the opportunity to try them out and see what I liked more and what I liked less. For example, I like a spinach + kale base better than a Cucumber or Cucumber + Kale base. I also learned that lemon juice and ginger are what make it delicious (to me) versus a ‘blah green juice’ taste.

green juice recipes

Things Happened When I Drank Green Juice for a Month

PROs of Drinking Green Juice Daily

1. My Monthly Cycle Was Better

By pure coincidence, my green juice journey started mid-week, a few days before my cycle was due to begin. Generally, I have been cramping two to three days in advance. However, more than cramps, each month I brace for the inevitable back pain. It’s often like having a stiff board strapped to my back for three or four days. But, not this time.

I had little to no cramps and zero back pain. I hadn’t realized it at first, however, by the second day when I was able to continue weekend chores and laundry instead of spending the day in bed, I got curious and looked into it. Turns out, I’m not the only one. A number of women also found drinking green juice helped with their monthly cycle. Who knew, right?

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2. My Skin Glowed

Despite my religious skincare routine, breakouts around the time of my cycle and PMS still come every month like clockwork. My skin has been even and though I still got gigantic hormones zits both times, they didn’t stay very long and they didn’t leave me the gift of a huge dark spot, which I was grateful for.

3. I had More Energy

I wasn’t swinging off poles or anything, but I’ve been battling this super groggy feeling for months now when I wake in the morning. My eyes would feel gravelly, puffy and burned usually from tiredness. I’m still tired some mornings, but without that lagging feeling. I can get moving in a more timely manner, which is great.

i drank green juice for a month

4. Heartburn less frequently

I don’t know why, but I find myself with heartburn sometimes. In particular, during the later nighttime hours. I noticed a reduction in its frequency over the last month. That was lovely too.

Cons of Drinking Green Juice for 30 Days

5. Caffeine Headaches More Frequently

This isn’t an indictment on the green juice directly, but rather my lifestyle and method. I’m huge on my caffeine, however rather than consume it throughout the day, I prefer a morning top-up. I typically have about four cups of strong coffee in the mornings.

When my caffeine consumption is delayed or skipped altogether, the withdrawal headache is brutal. As a result, I prefer my coffee earlier, rather than later in the mornings.

It may have something to do with the fact that I suffer from chronic migraines, either way, they are no joke. Since I’ve been drinking the green juice, my coffee time has been delayed and sometimes I decide to abandon it altogether for the day.

I feel it’s a good thing to lower my caffeine intake and dependence, the caffeine headaches, however, are wild. While I like the idea of the juice first thing in the morning, I’m thinking I’ll just switch them around.

What Does the Science Say?

Research shows that green juice consumption is a great way to increase your intake of a variety of important nutrients and reviews a number of benefits with the uptick of vegetable intake. However, there are several drawbacks that should be considered before deciding to drink it long-term.

Just because vegetables are good for you, doesn’t mean they can’t be harmful if not consumed in moderation. In fact, juicing tends to remove a great deal of fibre from fruits and vegetables.

It is worth it to keep that in mind and either eat more fruits and vegetables in the natural, fresh state or supplement with fibre-rich foods and/or supplements.

Experts also warn that green vegetables are a rich source of oxalic acid, or oxalate, which binds to minerals in food and stops your digestive tract from absorbing them. The amount of oxalates you typically consume from whole vegetables in a balanced diet isn’t harmful but may increase with green juicing regularly.

Too many oxalates can lead to negative health effects, including kidney stones and even kidney failure.

To Wrap Up

It felt great doing something just for my body. I’ll keep green juice in my diet, but not every day. It’s needed, plus, all good things in moderation, right?

I’ll likely be intentional about having it the week before my cycle begins since that is where I personally find it was the most beneficial to me.

What about you? How often do you drink it and have you noticed any benefits of drinking green juice?

Xo, Shandean

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      😅 This post is about two years old, but I definitely fell off the wagon and just got back on. You should try it and see if it does anything noticeable for you!

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