Budget Christmas Decorations

I decided to spruce up my new apartment by using some budget Christmas decorations since I don’t have any decorations at all to start and I’m watching how much I spend. When I was a child, we didn’t have Christmas decorations at my house and that made me sad. At my grandmother’s house though, we looked forward to breaking out the giant cardboard box from storage with the tree, the decorations and the lights. My sisters, aunts and I would decorate the tree together. That always made me so happy. I love Christmas and decorating help get me in the spirit. Lord knows its hard to catch as an adult.

As much as I would have loved to, I haven’t been able to decorate for Christmas the way I really want to. We never host Christmas dinner at our house anyway so the decor we did at home is mainly for Sio. Now that I am in a new space, I figured I could be a little festive without going overboard on neither the decorations nor the cost. I don’t have a Christmas tree and won’t be getting one this year so figured a few nix-nax here and there would do the trick.

I had a pretty small budget anyway due to moving and haven’t to buy little things (and big things that I need), so I didn’t get a lot and the things I did get came from Dollarama and Amazon. I also got a blanket from Walmart. For the Dollarama stuff, I have them if I can fin them on Amazon.


I went with red, black and ivory. The couch came out very ‘farmhouse chic’ even if nothing else brought it together, I didn’t actively start out planning to with the checkered theme when I started this budget Christmas decoration mission. I got the table runner first and then a few mistletoe toe pieces. When I bought the cushions, it kind of sealed the design.

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From Amazon, I got a stretch couch cover in ivory and got four festive cushions. That was something pretty small that did a lot for the space. I also realized that I needed (or wanted) smaller blankets than I had on the couch when watching TV, so I also got this one a hooded blanket from walmart.

budget Christmas decorations

It’s not a lot, but my little place is cozy. It makes it feel a little bit more like home.

Do you do budget Christmas decorations or do you usually go all out?

Xo, Shandean

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  • Rebekah Taylor

    Your place looks cute and cozy. I dont buy Christmas decorations anymore. I have everything I need and I reuse the same items every year. It took years to have the items I do have.

    • Shandean Reid

      That’s awesome, Rebekah. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Shelly DS

    Looks so cute! I don’t think one should ever spend so much on decorations, especially if they are just used occasionally!

    • Shandean Reid

      True, but I have a feeling I will. I need a 12 foot Christmas tree in my life at least once!

  • Michael Mary

    That is very valuable.

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