Blogmas AND Vlogmas?!

Clearly, I’m crazy. Head gone, clean! And why is that, you ask? Well, because, I, me… Shandean has decided that in the year of our Lord, 2020 and chaos, I’m going to take on the beast that is Vlogmas. You’re thinking that’s not so bad, but hold the thought, Goodie has decided to attempt it, on not one but TWO YouTube Channels. Not only that, but I’ve also decided I want to participate in Blogmas, with this here, my first baby and love in the world of content creation, my blog. What other phenomenon could propel me to try this but madness? Tuh! But, keep reading and I’ll explain this rabbit hole.


VlogMas 2020

How did I get here? Well, remember that YouTube blogpost from way back when? 2020, COVID and Quarantine finally gave me the kick in my pants I needed to put away every single excuse I’ve ever had and just… start! So, I did. Not just with one, but two channels. One that is a lifestyle channel and most closely resembles this blog, but in audio visuals, and a family vlog.

So, as an avid consumer of YouTube content for about a decade now, it felt only right to at the very least attempt Vlogmas. Now, as my caveat, I explained on my channel that if I wasn’t able to manage the feat, even though I have closed out major works in my business in time for December and is technically on vacation there, that I would abandon it on the Lifestyle channel to focus not the family channel. The videos should come out daily at 8:00am EST.


Okay, so with the blogs, I have the same resolution I think everyone who blogs as a hobby has, to blog more for the new year. I did a pretty decent job this year, posting at least once each month. But, I know I can do better, so I was thinking, I wanted to try and post two to three times each week in 2021. When I considered this, I thought I would do December Vlogmas-style on the blog to warm up for the new year. Then I got on the great Google and found out, I didn’t make it up. Blogmas is a thing, just with slightly different rules, perhaps to account for writers block that can potentially occur, and offset potential bad posts just to say one had posted. So Blogmas calls for twelve posts in the months of December; I guess like the twelve days of Christmas. So I realised, that’s at least three posts a week, for a month. That’s doable, right? So, here I am; promising my hundreds of readers content several times a week for the month of December 2020. Publication days are Tuesdays, Friday’s and Sundays.

Well, now that you’ve hopped on the madness train, I hope you stay! See you soon guys!

Xo, Shan

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Shandean Reid

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  • Shelly DS

    Girl you are absolutely crazy! I will definitely be watching this space to see you pull it off! I thought I was brave for attempting Blogmas (full version) but you win the crown on that one 😂 Let’s support each other through this!

  • I agree! You are crazy sis! I’m still barely finished with all 12 of my blogmas posts and I’ve been planning since mid October, but I wish you the best of luck. Looking forward to the content! 🙂

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