20+ Date Ideas for the Holidays

Depending on where you live, date ideas for the holidays can be hard to come by. However, dates can literally be anything so long as they enable you to spend quality time with your partner and foster friendship and bonding. Hubby and I finally got some kid-free alone time recently and I went on the hunt for some date ideas for the holidays. Here’s what I came up with.

You can do pretty much anything on a date. What you do outdoors depends on where you live.

  1. Christmas or Craft Markets,
  2. Liquor Tours – Appleton/Worthy Park Estate Tour, Vineyard
  3. Spend the Day at a Charity
  4. Choose a charity and organize the outreach together
  5. Go Skating – Ice
  6. Go to Christmas Festival
  7. Go for a Walk
  8. Have dinner at a nice restaurant
  9. Visit a museum
  10. Do a couple’s photoshoot
  11. Visit an escape room

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At Home Date Ideas for the Holidays

  1. Decorate your Christmas tree
  2. Build a gingerbread house
  3. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies
  4. Have a soppy Christmas movie marathon
  5. Netflix and Chill
  6. Cook and Dine Together
  7. Make a couple’s vision board
  8. Have a ground picnic
  9. Take a bubble bath together
  10. Have a cocktail making contest
  11. Take pottery/art classes
  12. Get a couple’s massage

Getaway Date Ideas for the Holidays

Lock yourselves seaway in a hotel suite for a weekend to recharge. Whether that means going to a spot closer to your hometown or to a nearby one. Spend a few days intimately involved or simply resting.

  1. Visit a romantic city.
  2. Visit a tropical island
  3. Visit a winter cabin

What are some of your date ideas for the holidays? Drop a comment and let me know.

Xo, Shandean

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