Welcome to Blogmas!

Welcome to Blogmas 2021, ladies and gentlemen! Eek! I’m too excited. The truth is I’ve been looking forward to this all year, pretty much since I participated last year. If my relatively early Blogmas Ideas post was no indication, I am ready, baby!

Blogmas is a fun time. It is a fun way to network and discover other blogs and bloggers you may just fall in love with and want to keep reading or subscribe to. It also has the added benefit of creating a stockpile of content for the blogger that will drive traffic for months. At least, that’s been my experience. Who doesn’t want that? I’ll be swamped in the first half of the month this year, but I didn’t want that to stop me from participating, so I’ve been slowly hacking away at it for a few months now, working on it bit by bit.

Naturally, we kick this year’s festivities off with a welcome and an introduction as to what you can expect. If this is the first time you’ve come across my blog, please take the time to scope out the place, and if you enjoy it or just want to stick around for the blog, do subscribe.

What to Expect

So, last year I did 12 days back in 2020. I’m jumping in with both feet and going for the full 25 for Blogmas 2021. That said, no, I will not post 25 festive posts. The posts will be a mixture of regular content topics and content I feel will be particularly helpful or entertaining for this time of year.

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The truth is, this year was tough. We knew 2020 was tough, but I, for one, hadn’t expected that 2021 would go for broke. Nonetheless, we are here. Blessed to see the end of a year too many people didn’t. If you lost someone this year, I pray co fort and healing over your heart.

Blogmas 2021

So, Blogmas?

Yes! I’ll be posting every day until December 25th, so up from the 12 Day Blogmas last year. So, for my subscribers used to 1-3 posts per week, heads up! Now, not all my posts will be festive-themed. Just about half will be on the regular topics; family, marriage, motherhood, gratitude, etc. Let’s reminisce.

 2020 Blogmas Posts List

Check out last year’s 12 Days of Christmas Blogmas Posts List

Day 1: Blogmas AND Vlogmas?!

Day 2: Big Chop! Making the Cut

Day 3: Living with Migraines for 16 Years

Day 4: Christmas Movies You Can Enjoy With The Family

Day 5: 4 Tips for Fresher, Brighter Laundry

Day 6: My Family’s Jamaican Christmas Dinner Menu

Day 7: 7 Things I’m Grateful For in 2020

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Day 10: Structuring a Home Routine with a Four Year Old

Day 11: How to Make Jamaican Sorrel Drink

Day 12: 5 Natural Ways to Detox After The Holidays

Blogmas 2021 Post List

If you are short on Ideas for your participation throughout Blogmas, check out my blog post, 60+ Blogmas Post Ideas – A Bloggers Guide. Outside of blogging, December can get pretty busy. Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Below you’ll find a list of my Blogmas posts as they go live. I will update with links as the posts go live. Remember, not all my posts are festive-themed.

Day 1: Welcome to Blogmas, 2021!

Day 2: DoubleTree by Hilton Toronto Review

Day 3: My Christmas Wishlist 2021

Day 4: Mom Guilt: Handling It in Real-Time

Day 5: Netflix Christmas Movies: My Cheesy Favourites

Day 6: How to Apply for a Canadian Study Visa in 2022

Day 7: Drive-by Christmas Lights Viewing

Day 8: 5 Ways to Stay Marketable as a Stay at Home Mom

Day 9: 20+ Date Ideas for the Holidays

Day 10: 6 Ways to Update Your Blog for the New Year

Day 11: 7 Reasons to Shop Local for the Holidays

Day 12: What is Blogger Burnout? Tips to Avoid It

Day 13: My Holiday Playlist Collections

Day 14: Blogging Equipment I Use as a Blogger

Day 15: My Stove-Top Christmas Dinner Menu, for One

Day 16: 4 Types of Vision Boards You Can Make

Day 17: Jamaican Grand Market: A Millennial Flashback

Day 19: Budget Christmas Decorations

Day 20: The Caffeinated Millennial 2021 Year in Review

Day 21: My 2021 Reading List 

Day 23: My Family Christmas Tradition, 2 Families, 10 Christmases

Day 24: Christmas Tag

Day 25: Merry Christmas to You and Yours

Are you a blogger participating in Blogmas 2021? Drop a comment and let me know what value you hope to gain from participating. And follow some blogs you like.

Xo, Shandean

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